You’ve been there. Examining the drink menu, eyes glazed over, scouring the ingredients for familiar words that jump out.

Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash

Now, this can go one of two ways:

Scenario One:

You spot it. “The __________ Mule”. Or, “The __________ Margarita”.
“Oh, I like Mules/Margaritas,” you think to yourself, “Forget all this other scary stuff; I’m not spending $12+ on a drink that might suck. I’ll just go with that.” And it’s fine…

When you picture a revolution, what comes to mind?

The first thing I think of is a Goldilocks situation. Either too small or too big.

Small revolutions are happening every day in communities around the world. Urban gardens. Bicycle riding. Volunteering. Even protests. While noticeable, they are only mildly divisive…

Jovie Belisle

Founder of the Spirit Haus Saloon. 35 & Childfree. Copywriter/Herbalist/Bartender. Essays about self-sufficiency, finding balance, and sometimes cocktails.

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